Marco registers as an Osteopath

Marco Pasolini has been working at the clinic since early 2013. In the last week of July 2014 he passed his registration exam to allow him to register as an Osteopath with GOsC (the General Osteopathic Council). GOsC is the statutory registration body of the osteopathic profession in the UK, having been established to administer the 1993 Osteopaths Act.

The UK registration process is still lengthy and protracted even for someone like Marco who is qualified and has worked as an osteopath in a European country. Marco was required to provide an academic transcript and a translation of all his training clinical notes and also examples of cases he treated after he qualified. After these were accepted he was required to go through a supervised day in clinic and examination on the presenting cases.

Because the UK has a single register with statutory backing and also the longest history of osteopathic teaching in Europe, registration carries with it a certain prestige and exclusivity. While Marco could work as a manipulative therapist and save himself the cost and effort of registering, he chose to undertake the process and I think it shows a strong commitment to the profession.

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