Hannah Kitchen, Osteopath, Triathlete

Recently there has been the world championship of triathlon on sprint distance in London (Hyde Park), Evolved Clinic is very proud that our colleague, Hannah Kitchen is a top UK age group triathlete. She works with us in Clinic as an osteopath while dedicating the rest of her time to training. She has worked so hard to achieve this kind of incredible outcome. What better occasion unless this to discuss about the benefit from a periodic Osteopathic treatment on this discipline, to prevent injuries or to recover after injuries?

Everyone can understand the importance of a functional body in order to get the best for each race from the hard training you have put in. Your body needs to be free from whatever biomechanical problem or visceral disorder, and so many other influences that can prevent you from exploiting your fitness make you vulnerable to injury.

An ergonomically tuned body means having supple muscles, good ligament alignment, with all joints working in a biomechanically efficient line.  Such a body can perform more powerfully, burning fewer calories in each motion, above all saving calories during race. Basically such a body feels less fatigue and has a much shorter recovery from training session.

An osteopath can do a comprehensive check on your spine that will permit to you to improve and get your body levers much more effective. The osteopathic manual treatment also can reduce the restriction arising in the rib cage and surrounding diaphragm  attachments. Osteopathy has a particular relevant in endurance sports like triathlon, to make the breathing motion more effective under stress.

We can help you to find a right path to enhance your performance, no matter what level you are at.  Contact your closest osteopath for more information and a precise evaluation.

Marco Pasolini, BSc DO

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