Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet makes you live longer because it protects our DNA from damage – screamed last week’s news headlines. Before we all go running off for a takeaway pizza or planning white pasta with traces of additive-preserved pesto for dinner based on this study in the British Medical Journal, let’s focus on what researchers really mean when they say Med

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More evidence for the effectiveness of Osteopathy

A new article in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders demonstrates the effectiveness for non-specific acute and chronic back pain.  Non-specific back pain is a catch-all term for back pain where there is no evidence of significant spinal degeneration or intervertebral disc trauma. It is the most common form of back pain. The study population included pregnant women and postpartum mothers. Specifically the study was

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Recuperation from intervertebral disc injury

In February this year I (Jonathan) woke with lacerating pain from a prolapsed disc in my neck. I was very concerned about not just how long before I’d be able to work again (and earn a crust), but also how long I would be in pain. In fact, for patients in pain it is usually the only question that they

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Advice for mothers of new babies

Advice for mothers of new babies  Stimulate the baby to look in all directions (up down, left, right etc);  Encourage the baby to turn their head in any direction,  by calling to them,  or with a favourite toy or music. Also, encourage them to reach for something with either arm,  Sometimes put the baby down on their

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