Pediatrics & Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Children


Paediatric Osteopathy is a branch of Osteopathy that focuses on children of all ages. Many people ask us: “What could possibly be wrong with babies/children?” The answer is complicated, as babies/children can present with many things, for different reasons. To begin with, a traumatic birth could create different compressive forces in an infant’s body which in turn would create distress. Even though babies have elastic tissues, due to their ongoing tissue formation, a forceful/sudden movement during the delivery, can promote growth in a non-comfortable way for them. Continuing, children of all ages, tend to have injuries when playing or during sports, that will need to be attended, rehabbed and given advice, to prevent reoccurrence of symptoms. Teenagers can also present with pains and aches that could be related to their growth or sports, that an osteopath could help them with.

As osteopaths, we aim to identify what is causing your child’s problems and have a safe, gentle, treatment session where we perform cranial and structural osteopathic techniques. In this way, we work on your child’s tensions, compressions and restrictions, releasing them and alleviating pain. If need be, we can also advise you on things to do at home or see your paediatrician instead.

Pregnancy related problems

Having an embryo developing into a baby inside you impacts both your physiology and psychology. To begin with, a growing baby changes your posture as your tummy gets bigger and heavier pulling you forward. The back muscles have to compensate to keep you upright, putting a lot of stress to both your joints and muscles. To accommodate your baby’s growing needs, your pelvis gets wider and a lot of force comes through your pubic symphysis, which is the area that your two pelvic bones come together on the front. The baby can also press on your diaphragm and affect your breathing and ribs too. Lastly, during and immediately after a pregnancy your body is full of hormones that make your joints ‘elastic’. This makes some joints very lax and hence others must compensate to keep you functioning. Then you can adopt some positions that stress your joints, giving you back and neck pain among others.

As Osteopaths we can help you cope with this changes in your body while pregnant and make sure that your body does not adopt strain patterns after the pregnancy. We can achieve that with manual therapy and exercise advise personalised to your own needs.