Nutritional Therapy 

human gut pic copyWhen you work with a nutritional therapist, you get a nutritionist and a therapist rolled into one. This can be a potent combination for getting to where you want to be.

How many times have you tried to change your diet by your self? Working with an expert nutritional therapist means you of course access a professional tuned into the latest research and evidence around nutrition.

But you also have the support of a therapist and coaching as you go through the stages of change (and there are at least five!).

This partnership can be a very motivating and helpful way of reaching your goals and staying on track with the right diet for the individual you are.

Jeannette Hyde’s practice is based on Functional Medicine, a school of nutrition which focuses on identifying root causes, rather than using just a short term quick fix.

For instance, did you know that the human gut can be key to many areas of health? If your gut is inflamed, or the gut flora (the bugs that live in your intestines) are out of balance, this can have a knock on effect on your energy, immune system, skin, mental health, sleep, and weight, to name but a few.

It often takes several years to get out of balance, and it can take at least several months, to get back to good health. Tap into professional nutrition knowledge and coaching to get there.