Born in Spring Bayou Louisiana, Patrick has always had an interest in medicine and the human body.

Patrick joined the U.S. Navy at sixteen and trained as a dental nurse onboard the aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Reagan. Patrick then decided to advance his training and become a paramedic working independently with a variety of patients across the world. After leaving the military several years later Patrick was inspired to find a system of healthcare which considered the whole person not just the immediate symptoms.

While working as a wound care specialist in Chicago, Patrick read book called Osteopathy in Britain, written by Dr Martin Collins, the former Principal of the British School of Osteopathy. The book inspired Patrick to discover firsthand the positive benefits osteopathy can have on a wide range of conditions. After being inspired by the Osteopathic approach to healthcare Patrick went on to settle in London and graduate from the prestigious British College of Osteopathic Medicine as an osteopath and naturopath.

Patrick’s experience in treating patients across the world has given him a unique approach to osteopathic treatment, which combines both classical and modern osteopathy to help patients achieve their goals. He believes in not only resolving the immediate problem, but also developing strategies for preventative care. Patrick believes that an active partnership between patient and practioner is important and strives to empower patients with skills to manage their long-term health.

Patrick enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions in patients from all age groups, from low back pain and arthritis to postural imbalances and headaches. Patrick is also trained in western medical acupuncture and kinesio-taping.

Patrick has a particular interest in both paediatric and geriatric osteopathy. Patrick’s experience working in specialist paediatric and geriatric clinics has shown him that a combination of modern and classical osteopathic treatment, massage, exercise, and nutrition can provide positive and long lasting results.

Outside of the clinic, Patrick is an avid rambler and enjoys walking national trails. Patrick is from a small town in Louisiana and has always enjoyed the simple beauty of the outdoors. He finds the British countryside to be uniquely beautiful and enjoyable. Patrick is also active with the London expat community and always enjoys meeting fellow Americans!

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